Cute Stuff

Howdy Peeps!

Happy penguin day! Seems appropriate to have a snow-dwelling animal as 8 months today is Christmas!! 😁

If you’re bored, try this it’s hilarious

Hi! My name is Pecky von Waddlebottom 😆 my daughter is called Fishface and my hubby is Blubbers! 🤣🤣 such fun!

On a (slightly) more sensible note, I’ve received some of the Etsy orders I bought.

I planned an April showers theme for the week ahead (ironic I know, probably the driest April we’ve had) so I ordered weather stickers from The Foxy Planner and they’re adorable!

Also they were first to arrive and came with a load of freebies and a sweet note on the back of a map-printed card… so I thought I’d show you and let you peek into next week’s plan…

These freebies made my day! So cute and a good variety… there was also a positivity cactus but my daughter swiped that… in fact my book-nerd, fox/penguin/flamingo-loving daughter may have just found a kindred spirit!

Also, the penguin is very appropriate for today… in fact all of them are!

I just needed a boost yesterday after a load of uni work and zoom meeting and general house stuff, then I got this beautiful package… thank you fox planner! X

I hope this made you lovely peeps smile too.


Anna x


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