April Showers

Yo peeps!

How are we all doing?

I am keeping busy with my of essay writing and filling my planner.

I promised to show you the spread I did with my cute weather stickers, well my other happy cutie studio stickers came too, so I used those and some other blue stickers.

Unbelievably, it is actually raining now, for only the 2nd time this month so it seems appropriate to share now.

I created this dashboard with sample card from HCS and added my own blue sticky notes (I think they were b&m, sood selection there). I love that smile cloud šŸ˜‡

Side note; since creating the spread on Sunday I’ve been singing April Showers from Bambi, so last night I watched it on Disney+ while working šŸ™‚. I’d forgotten how beautiful the animation was… I especially love the little mouse.

Have a great day and stay safe peeps!

Anna x


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