A weird one…

Howdy peeps

Sorry I’ve been MiA for a few days, literally been sat at the laptop for a week working on 2 essays.

Happy star wars day btw! 🌠👩‍🚀👽🤖

Today’s a weird one; uk usually have a bank holiday the first Monday of May, but there isn’t today.

Firstly, bank holidays don’t really have an impact at the minute with schools and shops closed.

Secondly, at the start of this year the government moved it to Friday to mark the anniversary of VE day.

So sad that all the community events can’t happen this week, but of course being safe comes first.

I planned a VE day planner theme for this week and still went ahead with it; to remember the fallen and to celebrate our national unity in this difficult time.

Excuse the koalas, they’re for my essay goals.

Also, I just had to include our amazing queen on the top right… incidentally the flag pic middle left is from our table at the street party when she became the longest reigning monarch… God save the Queen!

I hope you enjoyed this little interlude, I must get back to my essay…

Stay safe peeps!

Anna x


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