Weird Old Week

Howdy Peeps!

Long time, no see (sorry, my bad). I hope you’re all safe and well?

This last week’s been kinda crazy… I’ve written about 8000 words on 2 different topics since we last spoke, so forgive my fried brain if this is all waffle.

In between the normal stuff; the usual food shop, cooking, housework, time with hubby n daughter- she finally beat me at Mario Kart and we’ve been talking about Inheritance Cycle as she’s on the last book!- my week went like this:

Last Monday would normally be a bank holiday in the UK but they moved it to Friday to commemorate VE day. So I thought ‘great, more essay writing time’. I got first essay to a point where I was happy to send it to my tutor for feedback and started analyzing my research results for the second essay- results were interesting but the method is kind of dull… that was most of my week but it was interspersed with a few other weird things:

Tuesday would have been my Grandma’s birthday, but (some of you may remember) she went to be with the Lord last June. So the whole day seemed a bit weird and emotional, but friends and family did nice things to remember her (in their own homes, we weren’t together braking lockdown rules).

Wednesday we actually had to let someone in the house… apparently gas safety inspections are considered essential. We’ve known the guy the whole time we’ve lived here so he called us beforehand and checked we were symptom-free etc. We kept a safe distance while he was here (well the dog didn’t but he didn’t mind that).

Thursday I had feedback from 1st tutor saying he liked my work and offering a few suggestions (which is my job for today!)… this totally threw me because I hadn’t finished analyzing my research results and I’d much rather do this first essay on sustainability in schools.

Friday threw some financial things at us… coronavirus support does not account for mature students, so we were working on that on and off til yesterday. On the upside seeking stress relief my daughter and I started re-watching Stranger Things in anticipation of season 4…whenever that may be.

Saturday my boy turned 20… I don’t know if I’ve mentioned him before. so I’ll tell you a story: A friend of mine knew I was a supply teacher and asked me to tutor his son for his SATs, when the boy was 10, and that’s how I started tutoring. This 20 year old was that 10 year old boy. He’s basically family as he’s stayed in touch, looked after pets when we’re away and even helped us move house. Love him, but how the heck is he 20??!!

Yesterday was Sunday, already the weirdest day of the week because no church (although our pastor put an excellent message on Facebook; Oceans Community Church if you want to hear it) and so I decided to use the day to finish the first stage on my research analysis… I was sooooo over it by lunchtime so I finished it and watched 2 episodes of Stranger Things with my daughter and did finance/housework etc and we all watched Mary Poppins Returns (yes, again) and chilled…was lovely.

Then at about 10pm I realised I hadn’t done my planner theme for this week! (I’m usually a week or 2 ahead) So I sat down and produced this:

Couldn’t decide on a topper as I thought I had a donut one 😦 kept the tassel and peg.. also using the pink headband from the set (never thought I would)

Happy donut week! Sounds like a good excuse to me… 😉 It’s also national donkey week, which is much more me, but harder to find small, colourful images of donkeys… but I love them still, so don’t forget them this week!

Also happy non-exams to our GCSE kids, they were supposed to start today!

So work, rest and plan…we’ll wait and see what happens this week.

Stay safe!

Anna x


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