Another Week

Morning Peeps

I’m still writing essays, but one has gone in, so almost there, I will get back to this I promise.

So about 9.30 last night I realised I hadn’t done this week’s planner theme! So I did it then and it may be a bit wonky but I still want to share because the cause is so important: it’s foster care fortnight here in England.

You probably know I work with kids, if you know me in person then you probably already know fostering is my dream job.

Children’s charities are really struggling at the moment because covid has caused some children to be anxious or thrust into poverty. Please give to one if you can. Fostering and adoption services have added stress dealing with hygiene and they can’t run recruitment days.. keep them in your thoughts and prayers, and give if you can.

I used bright colours and logos from local foster care groups, as well as bigger charities.

One of my pupils gave me those brightly coloured funny faces for my birthday, so it seemed appropriate to include them here. (They remind me of yogurt pots from late 80s/early 90s that had monster faces on).

After I’d finished, I added this..

Got these days of the week pegs from The Works a white ago… didn’t have specific clips for this spread and thought they’re useful at the moment when all the days blur together!

Have a good one peeps!

Anna x


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