A Musical Monday

Yo peeps!

I actually had a day off on Monday (between essays) and spent some time with my daughter…

She’s got just dance 2020 for her switch, but can access decent songs on the unlimited sign up… nothing we did was more recent than late 80s… most fun were holding out for a hero, proud mary and you spin me round!

We did a lot more and it was a really good workout!

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll know I took the scenic route to town in the afternoon… love Cornwall in the sunshine.

Then in the evening we were looking for something to watch and gave in to High School Musical 2 with popcorn.

My daughter was just the Disney target age for HSM so it was nostalgic and weather appropriate.. we have no shame in remembering the words. šŸ¤£

So it was a musical, active day… then yesterday I returned to my laptop refreshed and ready to do this essay… must get on but let me know what you’ve done so far this week.

Stay safe peeps

Anna x


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