BBQ week…it’d be rude not to

Howdy peeps!

The essays are finished (hurrah!) So I might get to speak to you all a bit more now 😊

I didn’t do my planner spread on Monday, but had to do it at some point because these stickers ar too cute not to share

All the smiley faces bbq stickers are from happy cutie Studio on etsy

We don’t currently have a functional bbq grill so I made burgers indoors… a couple of weeks ago we had a takeaway delivered and our place were doing a “squeaky ‘shroom burger” with a large mushroom in place of meat, sweet potato and halloumi cheese…. honestly the best veggie burger I’ve ever had (been veggie 21 years so that is a real compliment as I’ve had a fair few).

So yesterday I attempted my own version (with red bell pepper for sweetness as I didn’t have a sweet potato on hand).

So what are you doing for bbq week? With all this lovely weather, it’s great to get out… even without a grill.

Stay safe!

Anna x


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