Trying New Things

Howdy Peeps,

How are y’all? It;s weird this ‘returning to normal’ thing, isn’t it? Some shops are open, some people are out and about but others are still isolated…it’s just a whole lot of weird.

Rather than get down or stressed (like I was last week), I decided to try something new. Another blogger said about being intentionally positive, looking for the good and such… I do try but it’s easy to forget when you’re under pressure, so it was a good reminder.

Example; currently applying for lots of jobs for that day in September when I’ve finished my master’s degree! Had 2 rejections the same time as having an email hassling me to do something that really wasn’t a high priority. So I normally react first then rationalize, but I just talked it through with Mr.B and found the positives (e.g. there is a job I want more that hasn’t closed applications yet). Was good to just reflect and be thankful.

We;ve done a load of those random jobs; like paint the guest toilet walls, sort out the pile of cardboard, wash the carpet…you know, all the jobs you have to do occasionally but don’t want to. Feels good when they’re done though.

Also, we’ve been trying new food/drinks and exercise to lose some weight… I’m loving the extra long walks, it’s good for the soul whether or not it impacts the weight loss.

I’ve also had fun with my daughter trying new switch games (some of which are very active), watching musicals online and Netflix shows/films we wouldn’t normally bother with. We watched Firetrap, a low-budget but decent sci-fi (btw Netflix if you’re reading this, we want a sequel!) Then we watched Maleficent 2 on Disney+… very different films but equally enjoyable. Then she introduced me to Starkid musicals on YouTube; excellent talent and don’t take themselves too seriously. (Adult rating though as some language/relationship stuff, not for minors if you’re wanting to watch.)

In fact, she’s had a whole lot of new as they’ve sent her prep work for college! It’s great to see her excited about learning and hear all about the topics she’ll cover… it’s a weird thought that I won’t get parents evening, reports, etc anymore, but I’m happy she’s willing to talk about it and she’ll probably teach us a few things!

So yes, it’s a weird time but a good one. Time for learning and change and dealing with stuff we don’t usually get time for.

How are you coping with all the change?

Stay safe

Anna x


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