Under the Sea

Howdy peeps!

So the weekend was my birthday and father’s day, quiet but nice and as a result of birthday Amazon gift cards, I have some projects to show you… but that’s for another day.

This week I don’t have anything special planned (ironic really when today is supposed to be my daughter’s leavers day).

However, the weather is beautiful and this week sees the 22nd anniversary of my baptism, so I went with an underwater theme for my planner. (Hands up if you sang under the sea from the little mermaid when you read the title?… come on, fess up)

My mum will appreciate the seahorses and who doesn’t like a turtle?

You may notice the non-sea animal on Thursday, I will explain in the next blog (but well done if you spotted it).

Have a lovely day enjoying the sunshine 😎 and stay safe.

Anna x


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