What A Day!

Hello peeps!

Do you ever get a day with loads of birthdays/anniversaries and other important things all together? Today is that day.

17 years ago today I found out I was pregnant….! How is my baby heading for 17??? One of the best days of my life as I wasn’t sure I’d get pregnant with such erratic cycles (yay for pcos, not), certainly not expecting it on 2nd month! My little blessing.🥰

It’s also halfway to Christmas! I used birthday gift cards to buy a storage thing and put all my wrap, bags and ribbons in one place… love it! I will show you at some point. But if you know me at all you’ll know I just get progressively more excited as the year goes on now. I make no apologies for my festive addiction. 😁🎄

If you saw yesterday’s blog you may have noticed an imposter in my sea themed planner; the owl on today is for my grandma, they were her favourite. 🦉 Somehow it’s a whole year since she died. I was very lucky to get to 35 and still have a grandma, she was great fun and I’m sure she’s laughing and enjoying herself in heaven.

It’s not been easy for any of us this last year, particularly on special days, but it is still nice to remember her.

On the same day a year ago, my cousin and his girlfriend had a baby girl, so there is celebration today too as their little princess turns 1!! 🎈🎉🎁

Such a crazy year has gone by so fast, particularly with all the covid-19 stuff… which brings me to the last thing today: It should be my daughter’s prom today, but it’s postponed until we’re allowed large events again… so I guess it’s official, my baby has left school! 😱

Well done year 11, it’s been a weird one. Good luck with college!

So I’m going to go get on with some jobs and get ready for a socially distanced walk with friends this afternoon 😊

Stay safe and enjoy whatever you do today.

Anna x


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