Things I’m Loving Right Now

Howdy peeps,

Been busy working on dissertation and applying for jobs (for next school year when this Master’s thing is over), but I’ve had some time for some good stuff and wanted to share.

So last Sunday was my birthday and I got some Amazon vouchers so I bought some things I’ve been wanting for a while:

This little beauty is like the best storage for Christmas stuff ever! There are also 2 huge pockets on back for like £14…bargain! (Fyi I still have a large shopping bag of xmas stuff too… may need a 2nd one of these.)
This was my main goal: a little craft desk! And the cutting board&knife all from amazon… I love it! FYI all the blue and turquoise stuff came from B&M for like £20 the lot.

Something else I’m loving is Disney+ we watched maleficent 2, a load of Pixar shorts and, most importantly, Hamilton happens this Friday!!

Slightly less exciting but on the self-care front, I’m loving these:

Both really great and do what they say… side note with both me and my daughter having hormone issues but very different skin, somehow the clean & clear face wash and moisturizer work for both of us.

I’m sure there was something else but my brain fails me.

Have a good day!

Anna x


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