Planner Changes

Howdy peeps, how are you doing?

I haven’t shown you this week’s planner theme yet because it’s different.

This was the first week in 18months that I didn’t know the theme in advance. I had to plan some things ahead for this week, so sat down to fill my planner in over a week ago and had to use what I had on hand… turns out I had a lot of pink!

Flamingoes, fruit and lots of page marker clips!

Not too bad considering it was much more “thrown together” than usual.

Also… I needed a set of new pages and did something radical…. I went back to black and white. (If you didn’t start singing back to black or black & white just then, I’m disappointed. 😉)

I love the coloured ones but the pastel doesn’t always go with themes with stronger colours. I do love the Planner Print Co layout and price so I stayed with them for these.

So next week you’ll get to see something exciting on a white backdrop.

I’m off to the recycling centre (been decluttering)… enjoy your day

Anna x


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