Netflix and Plan

Happy Monday Peeps!

So I’m enjoying Netflix at the moment (like millions of others during lockdown).

I think I’ve told you before, I like it on in background or dual screen when I’m sat at the computer a long time… what with dissertations and applications and regular household paperwork I have got through a lot of Netflix.

Having finished Miss Fisher’s mysteries and a couple of films, I’ve now found 3% (kind of the i-land/giver/hunger games vibes), but what has that got to do with my planner?

Well, one of the best things to ever hit Netflix is the Umbrella Academy (search on here, I did a review). Season 2 comes out THIS FRIDAY!! 😁 So in honour of the creme of Netflix shows, I themed the planner pages this week to reflect my taste in Netflix. (This is why I wanted the non-pastel pages, because the whole red n black thing.)

I love it!

(I have reviewed all of these shows if you want to check out my entertainment tag.)

I’m sure you know my love for Anne, and the 2 pics I couldn’t fit in were both great shows; the OA and Another Life, but I want to talk about Terra Nova…

I know Netflix often do pilot series to try and ditch them, but this is the one I miss most.

Sitting somewhere between the Lost World and Stargate (the film, this is much better than the SG1 series). There were aliens, dystopian controllers, dinosaurs and something looking like Aztec/Incan ruins and treasure….and that’s where it ended! No explanation of who or what lived there already or how they got our world treasure and architecture… just ended… that is not a cliffhanger Netflix, it is unfinished and almost a crime. If anyone would like to hound Netflix for its return, please go ahead… especially as ALL of the others are getting more episodes. (Hurrah! I may have forgiven Netflix when they offered more Stranger Things and Umbrella Academy.)

Please let me know if you’ve watched any of these and what you think.

Also, if by some miracle you have Netflix but didn’t watch umbrella academy, you have till Friday to get through season 1… go now, run! 😁

You can probably tell I’m excited… you will hear my verdict after the whole of season 2 (probably Friday or Saturday 😉).


Anna x


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