Hello Blog Peeps!

Sorry I’ve been MiA but it’s been a crazy couple of weeks!

In the last fortnight….. my daughter has been to hospital 3 times (she’s fine, hurt her toe but going there is a whole thing going to medical places with covid ppe and ringing up the day before just to get a dressing changed), Mr.B had his birthday yesterday (more on that later) but we saw family earlier in the week to celebrate (only like 3 people in our bubble, not breaking any rules), we finished watching umbrella academy (flippin’ awesome… review will come) and all the normal food shopping/getting teenager to work (when not seeing doctors)/dissertation writing…. oh yeah, and I got my dream job!!!

If you’re observant, you may have noticed an interview written in to my last planner spread… so I got the job; it’s working with children who have special educational needs in a lovely small class of first-years 😊 I’m so excited for the start of term!!

So this last week has consisted of buying supplies and clothes for job as well as all the other stuff.

So last week’s planner theme was in honour of Mr.B’s birthday… he’s a huge marvel fan (particularly the hulk and iron man) so naturally I did this:

Kept the marvel/Disney trading cards that sainsbury’s gave away last summer… glad I found a use for them.

So this week is just dissertation and prep work… and my daughter has college prep to do so we’re busy indoors with nothing special going on… I had no planner theme this week because of the lack of exciting events, so I thought I’d do another colour theme (did you see the pink one a few weeks ago?)… couldn’t decide so asked the teenager to choose, she said blue 💙 and I love how this turned out:

I have made use of the cute tiny post-its I got last week and also have a blue sparkly band to hold it closed.😊

I think part of the reason I love it so much is the amount of blue dragons and dinosaurs I had available 🦕 💙.

What do you think? Shall I try some other colour themes?

Right I’m going to work on my dissertation and try not to spend all day watching the thunderstorm.

Stay safe peeps 🙏

Anna x


2 thoughts on “Hello Blog Peeps!

  1. Oh my goodness why have I not been seeing these!!!! I was searching in emails for William’s tutor’s name and your emails popped up. I hope I’ve done it right and make sure they come into normal mail. So great to see what you’re up to. I’ll read as many as I can in my sit down times ❤️


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