An Important Week

Howdy Peeps!

So this week is kind of a big deal…. my baby gets her exam results on Thursday! It’s is particularly interesting this year because of the whole covid thing and how yesterday’s news made us wonder if it would even happen on time… but we’re on!

If you haven’t seen the news, our government have back-tracked and agreed to use teacher grades for results, which is great for GCSEs, but sadly too late for some A level students who lost their first choice university places…  my thoughts are with you, it’ll be OK.

With results in mind, this week’s planner could only be one thing:

I had no plans for this week’s theme but was looking for some bill stickers and found a cute pastel orange, so we ran that, the teenager likes stars and pastel so she approves 😊

We had some other results this week… I had to have a covid test Sunday, it was negative- all fine, but was an interesting experience!

I have a bad chest infection so it was just to rule it out, no temperature so we never really thought it was, but still nice to get that message.

The volunteers and medical staff were all brilliant and friendly but the process is a bit weird… you drive up get instructions via mobile, have giant cotton bud for throat and nose testing and a whole booklet of instructions… when that quick-but-weird bit is over, you go to the next point and scan a QR code and shove your sealed, barcoded test in a box and hightail it outta there.

Slightly uncomfortable but quick and obviously worth it for the peace of mind… just thought I’d share it with you.

Anyhoo, back to GCSEs. The advice is the same as I gave last week’s A level students, stay calm and stay in touch with school and 6th form place…. more advice in my education tag if you need it…

Will speak to you all on Thursday! I’m off to do more dissertation so I can have Thursday morning off for my baby’s exam results!!!! 🤩😱🙃

Stay safe,

Anna x


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