Yesterday Was A Great Day

Howdy peeps, how are ya? (I really want to know, I’m not just asking for the sake of it.)

I just wanted to say how much little things become big things that make a huge difference….and that we should stop and appreciate them.

If you looked at my day yesterday, it looked like most other weekdays…. I dropped my daughter at college, went to work, picked her up again, went to sainsbury’s and got dinner.

However, there were several things in the day that made my heart happy:

  1. My daughter was well enough to go to college and happy to go
  2. Got there in good time and had a nice chat in the car
  3. work went relatively smoothly, we call that a win 🙂
  4. There were 2 children who opened up to me about struggles I could help them with
  5. We were doing a lesson on Muslim festivals and a child asked- very tactfully- what colour skin they should colour the family in the picture, which led to a great discussion about religion and ethnicity… that moment right there was why I became a teacher ❤
  6. we had training after work on safe use of new play equipment which basically turned into a load of adults mucking about with toys 😀
  7. Had a great laugh after work with some colleagues
  8. Picked my daughter up and she had good feedback from first assessments (2nd highest in class: proud mumma)
  9. came home to easy dinner and a nice long chat with my hubby ❤

So none of these alone would make a day spectacular (apart from number 5 because equality and acceptance are always important) but all together they made me appreciate my life and the people in it.

I hope your weekend makes you smile.

God bless,

Anna x


One thought on “Yesterday Was A Great Day

  1. Brilliant….it’s good to appreciate the little things and I think we are so needing to remember that just now xx🧡

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