A change of Plans

Howdy peeps, y’all OK?

I’ve been thinking….

I love decorating my planner, but time is a thing I have a lot less of now.

My planner has basically become a teacher planner with house accounts and online shopping sections.

I’m cool with that and it works for my life right now.

It also means I can’t show you weekly planner spreads 😔 sorry. But if you are interested, there are plenty here I’ve uploaded before…. like this one:

Or, my most recent one…

Love the owls.

I will still share my teacher stucker haul (mostly from happy cutie studio on etsy), I will still have holiday weeks and themed plans for Christmas so you will definitely get a good dose of that. 😊

I hope that’s OK with you and that you still have something to look forward to planner-wise.

There will be new content soon.

Stay safe

Anna x


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