Back in the Swing of Things

Howdy Peeps!

How are you doing? Genuinely, please let me know… we have to look after each other in these weird Covid days *air hug*

I think I know what I’m doing now; back in the new year groove….but it does change at least once a week, if not daily!

If you don’t know, I work in a special school and we are not closed. We are teaching most pupils in class, as normal (well as normal as masks and sanitiser can be).

We have some at home and have been providing work for them and checking in with them every day too.

We have covid tests twice per week, additional paperwork, colleagues missing while they look after their families, meetings and training and reports to do (all online of course)… there’s a whole lot of new in amongst the usual teaching stuff.

I’m not complaining, I love my job and it’s a privilege to work with such amazing kids, particularly supporting them through this majorly tough time.

I want to give a shout out to all the education staff, particularly my SEN clan as they are all working hard to keep it calm and safe for the kids.

Also, that whole ‘back to work in a pandemic ‘ thing has made me slip a bit with personal goals…. and that’s okay. Please don’t be hard on yourselves like I was.

I sat here one evening telling the hubby how rubbish I was at everything other than my job, but with his support I got it out of my system and went into survival mode.

Now I have a new routine forming and am starting to feel like me again… we had a date night (indoors, of course), I’ve done some errands and picked up an order for the teenager’s birthday and yesterday I did my first LWR fitness video of the year!

It feels good to be back in the swing of things 😊 (sounds like the title of a Robbie Williams album… lol)

But please, if you’re not there yet, don’t sweat it. It’s ok to cry, get mad, sulk, not know what the hell day it is…. just find some support and have faith in the fact it will feel better one day soon.

Love and blessings,

Anna x


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