Welcome to the madness!

About me….errmm OK, here goes: I’m a wife and mum, working at home. We live in beautiful Cornwall and have some interesting life experiences to share.

I’m a qualified teacher, Christian and animal lover….and I’m crazy! Crazy for cooking, rollercoasters, Christmas, scrimping and crazily in love with my family and life.

Normal has left the building! Have fun.

About the blog: (This is slightly more straightforward than the ‘about me’ above….phew!)

Basically, I want to help (I know it sounds cheesy, but it’s true).  I have 17 years of marriage, 15 years of parenting and several years on a financial roller-coaster to my name. So I thought I’d post my thoughts and tips to see if I can bless anyone else with fresh ideas and a different perspective.

I hope it helps! x



PS Just so you know, some posts will contain Amazon affiliate links. 🙂