Round-Up Day

Happy Friday Peeps! (Whoop whoop!) So, today is a bit of a round-up day: I've had a mental, but enjoyable week... I appreciate that I've got today at home to do housework and other mundane jobs. (yes, that busy I'm willing to hoover for relaxation!) All has gone well, mostly to plan; had a lovely [...]

School Choices

Howdy Peeps! I want to have a little chit-chat about starting new schools. In good old Blighty, there are 3 or 4 times when children start or move schools and there are ways to apply for places and information to be I thought I'd show you where to look 🙂 There will be an application process [...]

University Budgeting

Morning Peeps! I promised some more installments for University/College-goers, so here is one! 🙂 "Budgeting" is a word you're about to learn if you didn't know it already, but the student life can be fun even on penny-watch. Here are a few tips to help your money go further: School Supplies: Everything from folders to pencils, [...]

Back To School

Hi-de-hi Peeps! So it's the first of September... in England, this means the start of the school year. Anyone with a birthday yesterday will be in the school-year above birthdays today. As today is Friday though, they don't start school until next week.But it got me thinking.... Are we prepared? We have protractors and new [...]