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It’s Very Entertaining

Why Moana’s Mum is Awesome

I’ve Been Thinking….



The Rock and Vegging Out

Lazy Days

Christmas Movie Countdown

Christmas Music Review

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Disney’s Awesome Example

Early Man: Film Review

Movie Wisdom

Entertainment Time!

Happy Birthday, Mr Smith!

Crazy Week/Entertainment Thoughts

Dickens Overcomes A Bad Day

Entertainment I’m Enjoying

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Getting Older Hollywood-Style

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Just For Fun

Exciting News For Jurassic Fans!

For The Love Of Disney-Pixar

Film Theories and Easter Eggs

So Many Reviews, So Little Time

YouTube Review

Umbrella Academy Review

New Aladdin Trailer!

Umbrella Academy Review… I loved it that much I did it twice. (Totally not because I hadn’t filed the first one…*ahem.*)

Toy Story 4 Trailer

Attention Jurassic Park Fans!

Ocean’s 8 Review (Finally)

Old Music and New Memories

Disney Fest!


Star Wars Day!

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