A place to explore Christianity and what it means to daily living.

This is the day that the Lord has made; Rejoice in it and be glad! 


Why I Have A Faith Page

Real Bible Study

Faith Follow-Up

Guarantor Loans (Proverbs 6)

Bible Principles Every Child Should Know

Verses To Help You

When The Bible Speaks

Spiritual Gifts

A Peaceful Way To Start Your Day


Let It Shine

The Holy Spirit Difference

Faith and Self-Control


Beauty in Creation

Faith, Blog and Love

Be Careful What You Say


Love The One In Front

An Attitude of Gratitude

Thanks Be To God

Spirit of Love

Peace in the Darkness

Faith and PMA

Praise God In Everything 

Appreciate What You’ve Got

Remembrance Sunday

Second Chances


Finding God’s Path

God is Faithful

The Real Meaning of Christmas

Praise the Lord!

Happy Christmas

God-Given Discernment

Time for Everything

This Too Shall Pass

Be Strong

God Is Love

Happy Pancake Day!

God Can Overcome

Holy Spirit


Churches of Revelation

God and Water

Maundy Thursday

Good Friday

He Has Risen!

You Can’t Out-Give God

Child-Like Theology


Faith and Finances

Speak Life

The Morning I’m Having…


Blogging, Budgeting, Bible and other Bits

Love Your Neighbour as Yourself.

Worship with Matt Redman

Happy Father’s Day!

20 Years….

God Is Good ALL The Time


Bible Study

Festival Worship!

Grace and Works


The Freewill Argument for the Existence of God — Help Me Believe

No Other Idols Before God

Prayers for storm victims

Christmas Brain Faith


Faith in Action

Joyful Joyful

On The First Day Of Christmas…

Your Young Men Will See Visions…

Appreciating What We’ve Got

Faith In Humanity Restored


Please can you help

Personalized Faith

Lord, I Give You My Heart

Happy St Patrick’s Day

Good Friday Thoughts

Happy Easter!

Better Than Expected





5 thoughts on “Faith

  1. Hello, I have enjoyed your blog. Especially your faith based posts. Thank you for sharing them. I am anew blogger and I pray I can share my faith as well as you have.

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  2. Hello! I’m glad I came across your blog, especially your faith based posts which I have found encouraging. What are some great Bible Studies that you have done and or recommend that I can do? Keep posting great content and God Bless you 🙂 Check out my blog at when you get a chance!

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