Cheap Crafts for Easter

Morning Peeps! Easter is fast approaching and I thought I'd share some cheap and easy crafts you can do yourselves or even with the kids. If you're like me you probably have drawers or containers full of craft bits...ribbon scraps, washi tape. pom-poms and such. If not then try these places: Poundland, The Works, Toymaster, [...]


The Beginning of the End

Morning Peeps! It's getting exciting around here! In just a few short weeks we'll break up for the summer holidays! The Exam-takers are in the process of leaving this week... the prom season is upon us! I had a conversation with my daughter that went something like "There are no normal Fridays in July, so [...]

Travel With Kids

Morning Peeps! Firstly, apologies for the 2 blogless days this week...had a major toothache, but better now, so you're stuck with me again. 😉 Wanted to offer some tips today for travelling with the kiddos. So let's go: Keep an Emergency Kit in the car. First Aid bits, water (can be used for the car washer/cooling [...]


Morning Peeps! Mega excited now as we're into the last week of schooldays, clubs and such!! I've just seen a post by Christy at When Women Inspire suggesting family activities for Christmas. There are lots of things to do, decorations to re-use and set routines that we have for Christmas day. Tradition and repetition help small [...]