Kids and Screens

Morning peeps! I'm jumping on a hot topic this morning: Screen time for kids. If I'm honest I've always felt a bit too sloppy on this one, but maybe I was too hard on myself.... I read a Psychology article recently saying that too strict policing of it (by parents) can be harmful to the [...]

How To Avoid Tantrums

If you've got little kiddos then you've probably experienced a tantrum/hissy-fit/screaming session. Here are a few helpful tips to minimize these. EXPLAIN: I can't stress this enough, if someone just said to you "come with me now and don't ask me about it," would you be a little prickly towards them? Give clear instructions before [...]

Bible Principles Every Child Should Know

First things first, this isn't about being a Christian. This is simply good advice for parents and kids, I just happen to get my advice from the Bible rather than a parenting please don't feel this isn't written for you ❤   Family is important: Respect and discussion help with learning. As a parent [...]