A couple of things…

Hey ho Peeps! Firstly, sorry the blog posts have been slack but they're probably gonna get slacker for a couple of days as we're going on a little holibobs. 😊 I've been working and packing and doing jobs to get ready...so sorry for my neglect of duties. (And any neglecting of blog that may happen [...]

Christmas Bargain Hunting

Afternoon Peeps! So it's a mere 13 weeks today until Christmas Eve!! Yay!! The shops are starting to realise this and there are bargains to be had. First, there's the chocolate! Big tubs, small boxes, chocolate oranges and multipacks.... hunt them down, check the dates and stock up. (And the savoury snacks for that matter, [...]

Don’t Be Sucked In!

Morning Peeps! It's 5 months to Christmas! 🙂 Yay! Starting right now, there are bargains to be had and old stock on sale: Between now and September there will be card and discount shops selling last year's stock. Also, the summer stock will end around then so there will be sales....shop smart, get your gifts [...]