Universal Credit part 3

Morning Peeps! So, if you've read parts 1 and 2, you'll know that I had some work to do for our universal credit claim. Being self-employed I had to submit accounts a week before the scheduled pay date, wait a couple of days for an award notice and then get the money awarded for that [...]


Universal Credit..Part 1

Morning Peeps! Sorry I skived yesterday but I had some lovely young peeps to teach and went for lunch out with my mum and my closest friend for her birthday. So I told you the other day that we were claiming Universal Credit. I know there's a lot of controversy and confusion around them, so [...]

One For The Girls

Hi-de-hi Peeps! I'm gonna talk periods, so fair warning if you want to leave now... There was some politician that quoted a survey saying women spend £500 a year on menstruation products...WHAT?!? No way! So I did some research... This article explains it clearly; £500 includes things like pain relief, replacement underwear and treats. People [...]