Personalized Faith

Howdy Thursday Peeps! I was talking to our pastor yesterday about how different people work, what constitutes a break and how people handle faith stuff (like going to church). It always amazes me how God creates variety, especially in's a good reminder not to judge. Mr. B for example is a reader and over-researches [...]


Howdy Peeps! It's kinda insane here at the mo and will probably get busier before Christmas. Being totally honest with you, it's hard to fit everything in and my relationship with God is hard to work on: Finding time for Bible study, worship, prayer is hard. I usually find time for at least 1 a [...]

Blogging, Budgeting, Bible and other Bits

Hellooooooooo Peeps! 🙂 Sorry for the late start but it's my first morning off this week, so I've been chillin'. Blog: Welcome to post 400! How exactly I got here I don't really know....well maybe I do: A year (and 3 days) ago I signed my blog up to social media and it really took [...]