Foodie Crush

Howdy Friday Peeps!Trying to look for healthy recipes (so I don't eat junk all through my crazy summer shifts) and want them easy and with veggie options (we are a divided house on the whole meat-eating thing). I know, I don't ask for much. LOL! Well I found some trendy one-bowl things that ticked all [...]

A Quick Thank You

Howdy Mid-week Peeps! I just wanted to say thanks too all my lovely followers. Some of you have been here 2 years today! It was 29th May 2017 I officially launched my blog with social media and everything. I had no clue what I was doing and only about 6 posts up. Yet some of [...]

Mini Strawberry Pies!!

Afternoon Peeps! Andrea at Cooking with a Wallflower shared this gorgeous post...just had to share! ❤ (Excuse me while I drool on my keyboard,,,,) Enjoy! Anna x Mini pies filled with fresh strawberries and topped with coarse sugar. These individual sized mini strawberry pies are delicious and the perfect choice for dessert. Happy Spring! I [...]