New Year’s Party Food

Happy New Year's Eve-Eve Peeps! Thought I'd write this today, so if you see anything you want to make, you have time to shop for ingredients 🙂 So here are some party food ideas from some fabulous bloggers...and from little ol' me 😉 There are some gorgeous nibbles over on Dora Cherry Pie's blog and Megan [...]


Random Christmas Blog

Afternoon Peeps! Sorry for lack of post this morning, computer/internet issues...I think they're friends again now. I've also been to tots group this morning being a 3-year-old...ermm I mean supervising 3 year-olds. 😉 Making reindeers went down well, I think they cleared me out! Anyhoo, I was trying to share some blogs pre-computer issues... so hopefully, [...]

A Random Update…

Morning Peeps! I thought I'd share a few random thoughts with you this morning, feel free to share yours too! 🙂 Faith-wise, I've been trying to read through the book of Acts, the coming of the Holy Spirit and all the miracles and early works of the first believers...I'm really enjoying it (as you can [...]