Parenting the School Run

Happy Monday Peeps! I am by no means one of these super organised and tidy people, but a few things to get ahead just save loads of stress in the morning...bonus point that routine is particularly helpful if you have children with SEND (such as being on the Autistic Spectrum), it will help everyone feel calm and [...]


First Recipe Post of the Year

Happy Sunday Peeps! I've been looking for inspiration this morning and found so many yummy recipes, I simply must share with you! So here they are: This recipe for Vegan meatloaf caught my eye on Healthy Happy Hippie's blog. I'd be curious to try it because I often enjoy vegan food (although not being vegan, I may [...]

Breakfast Options

Morning Peeps! I'm feeling much better today, thanks for the thoughts and prayers yesterday, (teenager is getting there, poor baby) but it means I'm really hungry this morning so I thought I'd share the breakfast options we have to choose from: Cereal or porridge, self-explanatory Fruit (Today we have apples, grapes, raspberries and bananas) Toasted [...]