Budget Wedding

Howdy Peeps! We are in the midst of wedding season, which can be MEGA expensive. I provided some budgeting tips a little while ago (see Budgeting For The Big Day (Part 1) and Budgeting For The Big Day (Part 2)) but I just had to share this YouTube video that popped up on my recommended viewing! She claims [...]

5 Months

Hi-de-hi Peeps! If you know me at all, you probably know what I'm going to say....IT'S FIVE MONTH'S UNTIL CHRISTMAS!!!!! (Yes I know it's the first day of summer holidays, but that doesn't change the date!) Part of the reason I start doing Christmas so early is because of the budget; I don't have a [...]

Financial Patience

Howdy Peeps! My idea of financial patience, until recently, was saving up for something and waiting to buy it....while this is excellent practice (and something we're currently doing) but it's not what I'm talking about today. I love scrimping and budgeting and the Mathematical side of running a home (I know it seems sad but [...]

Faith and Finances

Howdy Peeps! Firstly, I was way off the mark yesterday with the royal baby name but there was something on the radio about someone thinking they saw Albert on the palace website...I'm really glad they were wrong because it seems inappropriate to tell a couple's baby details before they announce it themselves, however famous they [...]

Wednesday Blog For All

How-do Peeps! This was totally meant to be a sensible blog post about recipes or education or something...but I couldn't do that without mentioning that it's WORLD PENGUIN DAY! So those little guys are not there because it's 8 months til Christmas (although it is) they're here to remind us of the variety and conservation [...]

Different Saving Styles

Morning Peeps! How Y'all doing? I think by now, most people will have figured out that we need to save money for Budget Busters and Planning Ahead. There are several ways to save and may different things to save for, so I thought I'd elaborate. Mr.B likes to micro-manage so he has accounts and saving jars for literally every [...]