Summer Treats and Budgeting

Hi-de-hi Peeps! I heard on the radio the other day that the average family spends £5000 in the summer holidays!....WHAT?! This included a holiday and several day trips as well as toys, ice creams, etc. I've never spent five grand on anything in a year ever! If you've got the budget to do so, then [...]

Lose Weight Frugally

Howdy Friday Peeps! You know I've been getting myself back into the swing of things diet-wise, but talking to others I've been shocked by how much they spend on diet foods and such... If you can afford it and want to do it then good for you, but I could never bring myself to pay for [...]

(Cheap) Christmas Bucket List

Hey-ho Peeps! With only 40 days before Christmas, I am loving all the adverts and Pinterest ideas and other bloggers' tips! I'm a huge fan of the Sainsbury's ad already and, having already done my crafts for this year I'm pinning ideas for next year! 😉 I have never called myself gadgety, but looking at [...]