Food Budget Trade-Off

How-do Peeps! If you've read any of my budgeting posts before, you'll know I have a very strict food budget. For that reason, I am a huge fan of buying the supermarket-own value/basic products. Recently though, we've been told several things to make us reconsider: The whole region is trying to go plastic-free where possible [...]

Quiche Recipe- as promised

Howdy Peeps! Over the weekend I put a picture of a yummy quiche on my social media pages and promised a here it is. 🙂 For the pastry, I used my shortcrust pastry recipe but you could also use shop-bought or filo sheets. Using a loose base sandwich tin I pressed in the pastry [...]

Homemade Cheese Straws

Yummy, cheap and flexible: You can make straws, crackers or let the kids cut out shapes. Ingredients: (Makes 12 large straws or approx. 15 animal shapes) 6oz/150g Self-Raising Flour 3oz/75g Butter or Margarine 3oz/75g Grated Cheddar A Good Pinch of Ground Black Pepper (See Variations) Water Extra Grated Cheese for Topping   Instructions: Beat the cheese [...]