Cheap Cheap!

Happy Bank Holiday, Easter Peeps! Just a quick reminder that a lot of stores will sell off Easter stuff cheap from today. Obviously chocolate and stuff probably won't keep until next year but the decor, craft stuff and other gifts will. (And who's gonna refuse cheap chocolate you can eat now?ūüėČ) Generally, when preparing for [...]

Chocolate Chips

Howdy Peeps! Need a chocolate fix? Several of my notifications this week have involved the words 'chocolate chips' (can you see why I love following these people?) so I thought I'd share: Firstly there are these Banana Choc Chip Muffins on What's For Dinner Moms? That look scrummy and easy to make. Secondly, how about a choc [...]

Happy Pancake Day!

Afternoon Peeps! It's Shrove Tuesday, so tomorrow begins Lent! We have pancakes on this day as they were used to clear out the pantry before fasting begins. Lent is just over 40 days to represent the 40 that Jesus fasted in the desert, overcoming temptation. Interestingly, there are enough spare days over 40 that you [...]