Trying New Things

Howdy Peeps, How are y'all? It;s weird this 'returning to normal' thing, isn't it? Some shops are open, some people are out and about but others are still's just a whole lot of weird. Rather than get down or stressed (like I was last week), I decided to try something new. Another blogger said [...]

When Is A Work Day Not A Work Day?

Hellooooo mid-week Peeps! It's still half term holidays here and we've had a very chilled one so far... I've only had one day in work so far and we didn't make any big plans as the car went in for an MOT (passed wit just 2 new tyres- Praise the Lord!) In each school holidays [...]

Back into the Groove?

Howdy Peeps! This half term week has gone so fast! Anyone else feel like time is whizzing by? So I'm trying to cleasr the post-holiday fog and get back into things; little things like work routine, blogging, exercising, keeping my house tidy (much harder when everyone's off school and work!) These seem like really big [...]