Autumn/Fall Recipes

Hi-de-hi Peeps! On this cold, grey day I thought it was a good time to share some warm and hearty recipes... please feel free to add your own below too! 🙂 Cold weather instantly makes me crave Root Veg Stew...preferably with a big hunk of bread to dip in. 😉 Stew a bit heavy for you? [...]


Easter Holiday Treats

`How-do Peeps! Firstly, I hope you had a good Easter? Secondly, thank you all for the amazing response to yesterday's blog for Autism Awareness Day! You are all amazing for supporting the cause and sharing the info...massive thanks! ❤ Today we hit the reality of having the rest of the holidays to fill, so I thought [...]

Kitchen Essentials

I thought I'd share my most commonly used kitchen items. So if you're setting up home, sending a student to College/University or just wanting to know for a specific recipe, this may help. (BTW this is all cheap supermarket/Pound World stuff, not high-end equipment!) Measuring: Spoons (either actual cutlery and a tablespoon or a set [...]