Hellooooo Monday!

Morning Peeps! We're back to normal... well,kinda... temporarily at least. We had a great weekend- hope you did too- I had a reunion with some school friends on Saturday and the rest of my household went to the carnival. Sunday was more chilled, just church and a movie... nice! 🙂 So this next 2 weeks [...]


Goodbye November!

Howdy Peeps! Happy St. Andrew's day to our Scottish readers, happy 'last normal day of the year' to everyone else! November has brought a lot of change, good and bad- but mostly good. There has been a lot of work and a fair amount of fun. Life goes on and we speed towards December. So [...]

Christmas Is Coming!

Yo Christmas Peeps! First things first; 1 MONTH TO GO! Sooooo excited! Yesterday's Christmas market was awesome. There were a lot more food and home stalls than last year. I took a set amount of money for certain gifts but I'm seriously considering taking money for those home things next year! They do great discounts [...]