I’m Angry: Credit Cards and Children

Hello Peeps! Yes, you read that title correctly, credit cards being aimed at children! Now I know people can't have credit until they're 18, but the subliminal message that credit is fun, normal and even essential is being rammed into our kids' brains...and I don't like it! I was watching TV the other evening and [...]


A Bad Idea

Morning Peeps! I've been meaning to write this for a month or so, I am really scared and saddened: Since New Year I've seen several new adverts for Guarantor Loans, Payday Lenders and Hire-Purchase companies; while these are nothing new, it bothers me that they're getting smart. I think most of the population is now immune to [...]

A Great Feeling

Morning Peeps! Yesterday we had some unexpected news and I wanted to share it to inspire you: I've talked about our debt journey a lot Why We Have A Budget, Budgeting Basics and Financial Help and Useful Info are just a few examples. In one of my posts I said that the feeling of getting out of debt was worth [...]

Financial Help and Useful Info

Mornin' Y'all! Happy Monday ūüôā Thought I'd share a few financial sites and how they help.....so let's do this. First and foremost if you are in debt and struggling, try these..... National Debtline¬†These people are heroes. They are completely impartial and give you straightforward facts. You can ring and talk to someone (get all your [...]