Parenting Honestly

Morning All! Just wanted to share some thoughts for parents this morning, but this is still for you if you ever look after kids, at any time, in any capacity. I hope it helps x Be honest with yourself: If you can't do something, are having a bad day or got mad when you shouldn't [...]


How To Avoid Tantrums

If you've got little kiddos then you've probably experienced a tantrum/hissy-fit/screaming session. Here are a few helpful tips to minimize these. EXPLAIN: I can't stress this enough, if someone just said to you "come with me now and don't ask me about it," would you be a little prickly towards them? Give clear instructions before [...]

Trust and Reward

We love being parents! ❤ Watching things like World's Strictest Parents and Super-nanny really grieve my spirit, but the Strictest Parents we watched yesterday weren't that strict and we agreed with a lot of their system for dealing with I thought I'd share what we do: We don't scream at kids or smack them. [...]