Banana Bread Recipe

Hi Peeps! Slightly late (sorry, essays and teenager off school) but here is my yummy banana bread: We were looking for healthier recipes and this has no fat and only 128 local per slice for when you need a sweet treat. The recipe we found is from All Recipes UK and you can find it [...]


Apple Crumble Recipe

Howdy Peeps! I was making this with a lad I was looking after the other day and realised that some people may not know a good crumble recipe; I'm no expert but the young man seemed to enjoy it, so I guess it's good enough to share. Ingredients: 3-4 Bramley cooking apples (You can use 1lb [...]

Easy Party Treats

Howdy peeps. First up, thanks for all the lovely messages yesterday about Jack... and teenager, she's doing much're all so sweet, thank you. Said teenager has a slumber party on Friday so I thought I'd share a few easy party treat recipes I intend to use: (I use the term "recipes" loosely.....) 1 Smores: [...]

Breakfast Options

Morning Peeps! I'm feeling much better today, thanks for the thoughts and prayers yesterday, (teenager is getting there, poor baby) but it means I'm really hungry this morning so I thought I'd share the breakfast options we have to choose from: Cereal or porridge, self-explanatory Fruit (Today we have apples, grapes, raspberries and bananas) Toasted [...]

More Recipes I’d Like To Try….

The thing with blogging is that you follow other people's blogs in your categories, so every day I'm bombarded with gorgeous recipes I may have to try to recreate..... here are a few of this week's faves: If you've been here any length of time, you'll have heard mention of the amazing What's for Dinner [...]

Snacks, Treats and Light Bites

Morning Peeps! A few quick 'recipes' if I can even call some of them that! These are my favourite super-easy snacks and light lunches (some are healthier than others though!) Fruit n Egg: One toasted teacake (or 2 slices fruit bread toasted) with butter, topped with scrambled egg and served with orange juice (Vitamin C [...]