Easy Summer Crafts for Everyone

Howdy Peeps! Apparently it's summer... (Not that you can tell outside) so for toddler group I was looking for some summer inspiration. I found the website Happiness is Homemade and found some cute crafts, including little plastic cup pineapples. You can paint the outside of cups yellow but I actually found some yellow ones in [...]


Caprese Salad…My Way

Hellooooooo Peeps! First things first....it's 16 weeks til CHRISTMAS!!!! 🙂 There. I've got it out of my system....shall we move on? I wouldn't exactly call this a recipe post (it requires 4 cold ingredients arranged on a plate) but I thought I would share my version. Caprese Salad usually contains Mozzarella, Tomatoes and Basil (layered) [...]

Make-Ahead Meals

Howdy Peeps! I've been trying to expand my recipe repertoire by looking for more freezer meals to make (as I'm out at least 2 evenings per week now). I was watching Youtube videos on the subject and they recommended these 'cook once' meals...so you do all the prep one day and eat for several...kind of [...]

Making Friends

Morning Peeps! Three weeks today is Christmas Eve! So if you have people you want to make gifts for, or kids to entertain, you can have a go at making these little chums! For the Snowmen I used the YouTube guide I blogged about in Oh, The Weather Outside Is Frightful… but I used the same method [...]

An Idiots Guide To Cheese Straws

Morning Peeps! Thought I'd share this recipe with you this morning; they're ridiculously easy and cheap to make, great for parties and there are so many variations to have fun with, enjoy! Ingredients: 8oz/200g Self-Raising Flour 4oz/100g Margarine (or softened butter) 6oz/150g Grated Cheese (good stuff with a tang like mature cheddar or red Leicester) 2 Eggs pinch [...]