Universal Credit..Part 1

Morning Peeps! Sorry I skived yesterday but I had some lovely young peeps to teach and went for lunch out with my mum and my closest friend for her birthday. So I told you the other day that we were claiming Universal Credit. I know there's a lot of controversy and confusion around them, so [...]


Education Begins At Home

Hey-ho Peeps! Just been thinking about little kiddos and how they learn...it fills my heart with joy to see friends on Facebook teaching their kids to cook or taking them on nature walks. Too many people think learning just comes from books: Books are great and should be encouraged, but are not the only way [...]

Attitude to Learning

Happy Friday Peeps! It's a mere 7 weeks and 2 days until Christmas!! 6 of those weeks are school-time though, so let's be sensible for a minute and talk education: The biggest problems in schools often stem from issues having nothing to do with the lessons themselves. If a child is prejudiced it's probably learned [...]