Random Blah

Howdy Peeps! Firstly, welcome back to school to those who have been on half term holidays, we are now halfway through the school year...Hooray! Secondly, it's 10 months until Christmas (yes, I said it and no, I have no shame). If you think it's too early, then maybe you want to read some of my [...]


A Special Day

Howdy howdy howdy Peeps! June 21st: The Longest Day/ Summer Solstice (supposedly the most hours of daylight...if it's sunny.) World Giraffe Day: Daughter would never forgive me if I didn't mention that...they remain her favourite animal- closely followed by dragons. HRH Prince William, Duke of Cambridge is 36 today! Happy Birthday!!!  World Music Day/Make Music Day...good [...]

Don’t Stay In School…?

Howdy Peeps! My daughter showed me this video going around YouTube and social media that's getting a lot of interest from pupils and educators alike and I wanted to share it with you. Obviously, I don't agree with the title- but I don't think the lad singing does either. He makes some excellent points; listen [...]