Hellooooo Peeps! Do you have wiggle room? Can you wiggle your stuff right now? No, I'm not talking about wiggling your body (although feel free to wiggle as you're reading, I don't mind!) I'm talking finances; how much can you wiggle money-wise. There is no right or wrong answer here, we've done it differently in [...]


Different Saving Styles

Morning Peeps! How Y'all doing? I think by now, most people will have figured out that we need to save money for Budget Busters and Planning Ahead. There are several ways to save and may different things to save for, so I thought I'd elaborate. Mr.B likes to micro-manage so he has accounts and saving jars for literally every [...]

Something A Little Different

Morning Peeps! I love the blogging community and this week, they're really on their game. So I thought I'd share one for each of my blogging categories with you... Parenting: Christy over at When Women Inspire wrote this amazing blog for new parents: Time Saving Tips For New Mothers. It's simple but effective. If you're not the [...]