Easy Party Treats

Howdy peeps. First up, thanks for all the lovely messages yesterday about Jack... and teenager, she's doing much better......you're all so sweet, thank you. Said teenager has a slumber party on Friday so I thought I'd share a few easy party treat recipes I intend to use: (I use the term "recipes" loosely.....) 1 Smores: [...]

Stained Glass Cookies

Great fun and so easy to make with kids, you can match a colour scheme and you can make them for any occasion (Christmas and a fairy themed party as I seem to recall)...Have fun! Ingredients: 225g/8oz plain flour 100g/4oz butter 100g/4oz caster sugar 1 tbsp milk 1/2 tsp mixed spice (optional) 10 boiled sweets [...]

Snacks, Treats and Light Bites

Morning Peeps! A few quick 'recipes' if I can even call some of them that! These are my favourite super-easy snacks and light lunches (some are healthier than others though!) Fruit n Egg: One toasted teacake (or 2 slices fruit bread toasted) with butter, topped with scrambled egg and served with orange juice (Vitamin C [...]