THANK YOU! Happy Christmas To Me!

Just a quick note to say.... THANK YOU!! We've reached 600 followers! Thanks to my oldest fans. 'Hi' to you newbies and thanks to everyone in between! ! I love you all! My original goal for this year was 500, then I got there and said 550 (which we got to around September) and now [...]

Oooh Exciting!

Stop the press Peeps! I'm within 100 views of last year's total and it's only October!! (This is already my most viewed October- it's my 3rd- and it's only the 19th!!) Thank you all so, so much! This weird little blog of mine keeps growing and getting lovely followers who have only ever left friendly [...]


Howdy Thursday Peeps! My brain's pulling all kinds of crazy on me... so I'll share some of the load with you, in case you're interested. Firstly, it's April next week. That means several things to me: My shop work increases as we go to summer closing times. It's the new financial year so most bills [...]