Take 2

Happy Monday Peeps! A couple of weeks ago I wrote about a new Exercise routine. Obviously, I've had this rotten chesty cough and muscle I pulled, so it hasn't happened since then. So today I started again. I WILL NOT give up. The video I found is intense but short, so I figured I could do this [...]


Let The Sunshine In

Morning Peeps! Firstly, Happy Saturday! 🙂 I went out this morning with Bailey and was cold to start with, but I walked from shadow into the sunlight and the warmth was incredible! It made me smile because it was so much appreciated. I want to exercise more and feel that being outdoors is good for [...]

Random Stuff for a Wet Wednesday

Howdy Peeps! It's a very gloomy, wet Wednesday here...makes you appreciate things like heating and a hot cup of tea! In a couple of hours, my daughter's best friend is coming for a sleepover. I am going to take them to a trampoline park, we've not been before and my daughter really wanted to, so [...]