On A Health-Kick

Afternoon Peeps! As many of you will know, I'm trying to lose weight by upping the exercise and eating the Daniel Plan way (low-GI, no processed garb.) so it's weigh in and swimming day, thought I'd share: I weighed and had a small fit as it said what it did 2 weeks ago....then I'd remembered [...]

Exciting News!

Mr.B has started an exciting new project: Inspirational podcasts! Very proud and excited to say his first live show will be 9.30pm (London time) Tonight. He is a life coach, lay preacher and working towards his Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Diploma. He is also one of the most calm and positive people I know (and I'm [...]

More Recipes I’d Like To Try….

The thing with blogging is that you follow other people's blogs in your categories, so every day I'm bombarded with gorgeous recipes I may have to try to recreate..... here are a few of this week's faves: If you've been here any length of time, you'll have heard mention of the amazing What's for Dinner [...]

Stand Up For Yourself & Others

A few things recently have either bothered or inspired me regarding people's convictions and self-worth, so I thought I'd share. Firstly, if you have faith stand up for it. There are more worriers than warriors among our kids today. I don't know whether it's a desire to fit in to peer groups, skewed teaching about [...]