Dickens Overcomes A Bad Day

Howdy Peeps, Yesterday was pretty lousy. Quite a lot of silly little things, things you could shake off if they were fewer in number, seemed to come all at once. No major disaster or tragedy, just little annoyances. I started my annual reading of A Christmas Carol a few days ago and yesterday I got [...]

Faith Restored

Hey-ho Peeps! Just thought I'd share the joys of today with you to help you have the PMA they've given me... First thing this morning (on school run) there are daffodils sprouting in the council's flower beds...being very brave consider in how cold and clear it was this morning! When I got home there was [...]

Feeling Festive!

Helloooo Peeps! Happy 3rd Sunday of Advent! If you use a traditional Advent Crown, then today is the pink candle representing Joy. 🙂 Next Sunday is actually Christmas Eve (whoop whoop!!) so this is the last 'normal Sunday' if you will, but it is far from ordinary: Today, like many other churches across the country, we are [...]

Christmas Spirit In Everything!

Helloooooooooooo Peeps! (Can you tell I'm a bit hyper?) It is a mere 5 weeks until Saint Victoria's day (Christmas Eve eve, if you prefer) so I am busy preparing. 🙂 🙂 🙂 The song 'it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas' doesn't even cut it anymore...we're in full-blown Christmas mode! I love everything about [...]

Appreciate What You’ve Got

Hey-ho Peeps! Firstly, thanks for all the love n support with yesterday's Big News! you're all so lovely! I want to talk to you today about something we all struggle with at some point, being contented. Mr. B and I are currently in limbo waiting for a work change to happen; we know it will but not [...]