Apple Crumble Recipe

Howdy Peeps! I was making this with a lad I was looking after the other day and realised that some people may not know a good crumble recipe; I'm no expert but the young man seemed to enjoy it, so I guess it's good enough to share. Ingredients: 3-4 Bramley cooking apples (You can use 1lb [...]


Easter Holiday Treats

`How-do Peeps! Firstly, I hope you had a good Easter? Secondly, thank you all for the amazing response to yesterday's blog for Autism Awareness Day! You are all amazing for supporting the cause and sharing the info...massive thanks! ❤ Today we hit the reality of having the rest of the holidays to fill, so I thought [...]

After School Snacks

Hi-diddly-ho peeps! So it's back to school day in our house and I haven't shared a recipe in a while, so I splodged the two topics together for this fun post... happy reading (and subsequent munching)! 🙂 Pitta Bread: So easy and presents numerous options...the quickest is to fill them with ham, cheese and ketchup and [...]

Easy Party Treats

Howdy peeps. First up, thanks for all the lovely messages yesterday about Jack... and teenager, she's doing much're all so sweet, thank you. Said teenager has a slumber party on Friday so I thought I'd share a few easy party treat recipes I intend to use: (I use the term "recipes" loosely.....) 1 Smores: [...]

Snacks, Treats and Light Bites

Morning Peeps! A few quick 'recipes' if I can even call some of them that! These are my favourite super-easy snacks and light lunches (some are healthier than others though!) Fruit n Egg: One toasted teacake (or 2 slices fruit bread toasted) with butter, topped with scrambled egg and served with orange juice (Vitamin C [...]